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Planning Your Trip For 2024?

We have two main tour options for our 2024 summer season

The Rocky Mountain Experience


4 Hours


  • Open Top Luxury Van

  • Timed Entry and Park Admission included

  • Complimentary Snacks with Hot & Cold Beverages

  • One or Two Small Excursions to see a waterfall or other feature

  • Half-Way Break at the Alpine Visitors Center @ 11,796ft

  • Travel on Trail Ridge Road and Old Fall River Road (When Open)

Trail Ridge Road: To the Top and Back

multiple start times each day


2 Hours


  • Luxury Reclining Seats

  • Panoramic Views

  • Timed Entry and Park Admission included

  • No Excursions, No Heavy Breathing on This Tour

  • Half-Way Break at the Alpine Visitors Center @ 11,796ft

  • Travel on Trail Ridge Road, the Highest Continuous Paved Road in North America

  • Travel High above the Trees and Experience the Epic Views of Trail Ridge Road

  • Complimentary Snack and Beverage

Scroll Down for Detailed Descriptions of Our Tours

* Tour lengths are approximate
**All tour destinations, routes and stops are subject to change based on road closures, parking availability and available time.


The Rocky Mountain Experience

~4 hours

Come and experience a taste of life at Rocky Mountain National Park, on this tour you will do it all.  You will travel up above the trees, over two miles above sea level.  You will get to take a short hike or two and see fast flowing snow melt, waterfalls, and glaciers.  Come and experience the awe inspiring beauty that is Rocky Mountain National Park, or “Rocky” as the locals call it.  Our knowledgeable guide will give you an in depth guided tour telling you all about the science and history of Rocky and its animals. This tour, from July 4th weekend until the first weekend in October (once Old Fall River road closes for the season this tour will use Trail Ridge Road, travels up the famous Old Fall River Road, which is the original high alpine road that opened in 1920 and is itself part of the National Register of Historic Places.  We will take a half-way break at the Alpine Visitor Center-- which is the highest altitude visitor center of any national park-- where you will find a cafeteria and giant gift shop, as well as amazing “top of the world” tundra views. Upon leaving the Alpine Visitor Center you will travel back towards Estes Park.  Journeying across Trail Ridge Road, the highest continuous paved road in North America, reaching the highest point on the road at 12,183’ shortly after leaving the Visitor Center.  You will get spectacular views from inside our panoramic Sprinters, and above the tree line you will be glad the glass roof is fully close-able to protect you from the chilly, hurricane force winds produced in the alpine tundra.  If Old Fall River Road is closed for the season or for other reasons Trail Ridge road will be used to go both up and down the mountain and the highest point accessible will be the turn around point.  This tour covers most of the eastern side of Rocky Mountain National Park except for the Bear Lake Corridor.  Coffee, hot drinks, and other refreshments as well as a variety of snacks are provided complementary while on board any of our tours at Purple Points Tour Company.  


Trail Ridge Road: To the Top and Back

~2 hours

Take the ride many don't want to drive on their own. Ride in one of our luxury panoramic vans up above the trees on Trail Ridge Road, the highest continuous paved road in North America. Take a short half way break at the Alpine Visitor's Center, the highest elevation visitor's center of any National Park sitting at 11,796'. Then return along Trail Ridge back to Estes Park. This tour is a shorter option at 2-2.5 hours in length. It is perfect for anyone who just wants Alpine Tundra, top of the world, Views without having to worry about driving along Trail Ridge Road with its large drops and lack of guard rails. Take in the amazing beauty with mountain views near 150 miles away depending on weather and sky conditions. Enjoy luxury recliners, panoramic windows as well as a complimentary snack and beverage.

A Ruttin' Good Time

~2 hours
Offered Mid September - Mid October

On this tour your guide will take you to hotspots in Rocky Mountain National Park to witness the elk rut or mating season. With around 3,000 elk in RMNP during this time of year you will get to witness large herds, massive bugling bulls, and maybe even a fight or two. Your guide will explain all about the elk and their migratory and mating habits, you will also be able to learn other information about Rocky and its other animal inhabitants. This tour takes place right around sunrise and sunset as those are the peak times for mating rituals and activity.

From Our Tours


Looking to explore Rocky this winter?

Although we don't offer tours in our retractable top van in the winter we do offer private SUV tours of Rocky Mountain National Park all winter.  Your group of up to 6 (5 adults comfortably) will experience all the wonders of the eastern side of RMNP in all of its winter beauty. Snow shoe through the forest along a mountain stream, take in the beauty of areas like Sprague Lake, the Alluvial Fan, Many Parks Curve, and Bear Lake.  Take a sledding break at the site of the Hidden Valley Ski Resort and warm back up with some hot chocolate while we continue on learning all about the park, its inhabitants, and its history on this 3 hour guided tour.

Build Your Own Private Tour Experience

We are more than happy to work with you to create the exact private tour option you and your group are looking for.  Give us a call, shoot us a text, or drop a message, we are ready and waiting to help you make a Colorado memory.

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